Find a Distributor

Kellmark Corporation has worked with distributors in selling the J.R.K. line of calendars for over 50 years.

Promotional products distributors provide a valuable resource in helping you with your advertising needs.

When placing an order please be sure to ask the distributor for the J.R.K. calendar item that you want by name. 

To find a Distributor in your state, first, use the link below which lists our current Distributors by state.
Find a distributor in your state. 

Alabama                            Nebraska
Alaska                                Nevada
Arizona                              New Hampshire
Arkansas                           New Jersey
California                         New Mexico
Colorado                            New York
Connecticut                     North Carolina
Delaware                             North Dakota
Florida                                Ohio
Georgia                               Oklahoma
Hawaii                                Oregon
Idaho                                   Pennsylvania
Illinois                                Rhode Island
Indiana                               South Carolina
Iowa                                     South Dakota
Kansas                                Tennessee
Kentucky                          Texas
Louisiana                           Utah
Maine                                  Vermont
Maryland                          Virginia
Massachusetts                 Washington
Michigan                           West Virginia
Minnesota                         Wisconsin
Mississippi                         Wyoming
Missouri                              District of Columbia
Montana                             Canada

You may also reference the Promotional Products Association international Distributor link for Additional Distributors.

If you need further assistance please contact our Customer Service department at 574-264-9695 or you can email us at

Thank you for your interest in the J.R.K. line of Inspirational and General calendars.