Jack R. Kelly

Made in America

We  take great pride in saying our calendars are made in America. We are a family owned business with a great staff that has a passion about the inspiration our calendars provide.

Our grandfather made a career in the business of making calendars. I remember asking him, “why calendars?” He said he wanted to represent a product that was a part of people’s lives, something that motivated them, inspired them…

In 1968, our dad and our grandfather decided to start a calendar company. It was time for this father and son team to create their own. Thus, the J.R.K. Line of  inspirational calendars came to be named after our dad, Jack Robert Kelly.

Fifty-five years later, dad’s legacy lives on. Thus, with great pride, we present this calendar line.

We offer the most extensive line of religious calendars made in America. Our general calendars also inspire day to day life with motivational messages. A lot has happened over 55 years. Thanks to an amazing group of employees, that we think of as family, we still remain the #1 choice for quality, service, and design. The difference is “we care” that we are part of your lives.

As our father once said: “We are fortunate…the calendars we produce have a greater inspirational value than the paper and ink they were printed on. The uplifting art, scripture, and message conveyed, makes a positive difference in our lives.”

On behalf of the Kelly family and our family of employees that produce the J.R.K. line…

We thank you for allowing us to partner with you for the last 55 years.

  Jim               Vince              George
James Kelly                  Vince Kelly                  George Kelly