PREPLANNING Insert Page (Optional)

Saddle Stitched Calendar Option


Item No. PPM (English) or Item No. PPSP (Bilingual-English/Spanish)

  • Features two detachable response cards, one shown at the beginning of the year and one at the end of the year.
  • Funeral Home return address printed on face of response card. Personal contact info on inside of folded mailer for security.

Spiral Bound Calendar Option

AVAILABLE IN ENGLISH ONLY          Item No. PPM (English)

  • Features one detachable response card, shown before January only.
  • Funeral Home return address printed on face of response card.

Today, funeral directors are looking for ways to enhance their funeral preplanning sales. This creative selling insert is designed to do just that by making the calendar not only an advertising medium, but a marketing tool. A recent market survey concluded that more people will react favorably to the suggestion of prearranging their funeral if the suggestion comes via a church calendar with a preplanning insert than if it comes from radio, television or billboard advertising.

The J.R.K. preplanning insert is bound between the cover and the first calendar month, with the funeral home’s name and address printed on a detachable postcard. The postcard requires either a stamp for mailing or may be imprinted with the funeral home’s postal permit number. (No additional customer copy will be accepted for the preplanning insert other than the name, address and postal permit number, if desired.)

This preplanning insert feature is available for ALL 2024 J.R.K. calendars in either English or Bilingual (English/Spanish) for saddle stitched calendars and English only for spiral bound calendars.